Governance – Citizens Advice Bournemouth Christchurch & Poole

As an independent charity, Citizens Advice Bournemouth Christchurch & Poole is governed by a Board of Trustees.

The primary role of the Trustee Board is to ensure Governance of the Citizens Advice Bournemouth Christchurch & Poole activities.

Governance means the way the organisation is set up and run. It is partly about the procedures, policies, documents and management arrangements in place for the way the organisation is administered and controlled, including its finances and delivery of what it has been set up to achieve. It is also about the organisation’s relationships with the stakeholders and the aims and objectives of the organisation.

The Trustee Board operates in much the same way as any company board of directors, but has no shareholders to be responsible to, instead its responsibilities are covered by Charity Commission rules and Legal requirements.

Ensuring compliance – Trustees must ensure that their charity complies with:

  • Charity law, and the requirements of the Charity Commission as regulator; in particular you must ensure that the charity prepares reports on its work, and submits annual returns and accounts as required by law.
  • The requirements or rules, and charitable purpose and objects, set out in the charity’s own governing document. All trustees should have a copy of this document and be familiar with it.
  • The requirements of other legislation and other regulators (if any) which govern the activities of the charity.
  • The requirements for trustees to act with integrity, and avoid any personal conflict of interest or misuse of charity funds or assets. You should check the charity’s governing document for provisions in relation to conflict of interests.

Duty of prudence – Trustees must:

  • Ensure that the charity is and will remain solvent; this means that you need to keep yourself informed of the charity’s activities and financial position.
  • Use charitable funds and assets wisely, and only to further the purposes and interests of the charity.
  • Avoid undertaking activities that might place the charity’s property, funds, assets or reputation at undue risk.
  • Take special care when investing funds of the charity or borrowing funds for the charity to use.

Duty of care – Trustees must:

  • Exercise reasonable care and skill as trustees, using personal knowledge and experience to ensure that the charity is well-run and efficient.
  • Consider getting external professional advice on all matters where there may be material risk to the charity, or where trustees may be in breach of their duties.

Matthew Moore – Chair

matthew-moore-photoI am a practising solicitor. Having originally qualified as a barrister in 1999. I initially worked in criminal law but switched to family law when I came to Bournemouth in 2000. I started work at Gales solicitors in Winton as a purely temporary member of staff in March 2000. Some 14 years later I am now the senior partner.

During my time at Gales I have dealt with a wide range of family problems including domestic violence and care cases. I have handled a large caseload, composed largely of people eligible for legal aid and have enjoyed helping people whose lives have fallen apart to get back on their feet. Since 2004 I have also been a partner with responsibility for overseeing the firm’s litigation department.

I became involved with Citizens Advice Bournemouth Christchurch & Poole approximately 8 years ago as a trustee. Initially my remit was to deal with the Legal Aid contract which provided a significant proportion of our funding but which was extremely bureaucratic to administer. Since then I have been a trustee, the vice chair, chair, vice chair and finally chair once again.

In my spare time I am a passionate cricketer. Having once been a half decent swing and seam bowler I now turn out for the local law society team and enjoy the character building experience that constant defeat provides.

Tony Bradley

Tony hails from the Midlands and relocated to Poole in January 2010.

He joined the Board of Citizens Advice Bournemouth Christchurch & Poole in September 2010 and held the post of Chair for two years. His current role covers Trustee Board membership of both Citizens Advice Bournemouth Christchurch & Poole and CAID. (Citizens Advice in Dorset)

Most of his adult life has been spent in Training which included Management Development, Change Management, Organisational Structure, Director Development and Independent Consultancy.

However that was a long way from where it all started back in the early sixties. He served a formal five year apprenticeship at Rolls Royce and gained professional qualifications in Mechanical Engineering. In the early 70’s his career took a major turning point when he qualified as a training professional with a manufacturing company. Over the ensuing years he developed his skills/knowledge with the Distributive Industry Training Board and became the Regional Management Development Specialist. He later worked for the Link Organisation who at the time was the largest UK provider of Youth Training. He progressed through the organisation from Regional Manager to UK Operations Director with responsibility for over 100 training centres across Britain with some 2500 staff.

He then fulfilled a dream of running his own training company offering N.V.Q.’s for adults across many industries. This covered three training centres across the Midlands with some 25 staff.

In the latter years of his career became an independent consultant working in the main for Business Link. During this time he specialised in training needs analysis, Director Development also offering support/advice to those wishing to start their own businesses. He was a qualified assessor for Business Link Advisor’s in their S.F.E.D.I. (Small Firms Enterprise Development Initiative) training and development.

He finally worked as an independent consultant for a company that specialised in education/training/development for 15/16 year young people who were permanently excluded from main stream education.

On a personal level he enjoys the outdoor life especially short walks around the Dorset coastline. His main passion is football and attends most home fixtures of A.F.C. Bournemouth. Plus he has the Sky Sports channels at home and a very understanding wife also three adult sons around some of the time which helps!!!

Ted Taylor

“I start off when I became involved with Youth work, I was trained by the YMCA in London in 1963,which at the time was one of the training colleges recognize by the Government at the time. It was a one year training course and received a Diploma in Youth Work. My first job was in Miles Platting in Manchester, was there for two years.

In 1966 went to work at the Henry Brown in West Howe, in 1970 at the Harewood Youth Centre link to Avonbourne school. In 1974 I became a Detached Youth Worker in West Howe. Instead of running a Youth Centre, my role was to meet young people on the streets, parks etc making contact with young people on their territory. I did this work for about 17 years, when in 1993 I took early retirement.

In 1976 I became one of the first students to enroll in the Open University and received a BA. In 1996 I was asked if I would like to become a local ward Councillor, so I was elected in 1996 and was a ward Councillor for about 15 years. In that time I was selected to be a Trustee of Bournemouth & Poole Citizens Advice.

In 2005 I was elected Mayor of Bournemouth for one year. I am involved with a number of different agencies, plus a member of the Bournemouth Male Voice choir, and The Rotary club of Bournemouth.”

Jane Burrows

Jane is a member of the Chartered Trading Standards Institute who went to school in Exeter and then to the University of London-Bedford College, where she graduated with a degree in History. With an aspiration to ‘help people’ she joined the London Borough of Lambeth as a trainee Trading Standards Officer in 1979.

Jane qualified in 1983 and worked in Lambeth until leaving to travel around New Zealand and Australia later that year. Jane returned from traveling in 1984 to be a Trading Standards Officer in Dorset as the second ever female inspector. She then progressed to Senior Trading Standards Officer and became a member of the Trading Standards Institute and the South West Branch of the Institute where Jane had roles including Information Officer, Training and then the honour of being the first female Chair of the South West Branch in 1996-7.

After Local Government Reform in 1997 Jane went to work for the unitary council at Borough of Poole becoming a Principal Officer and took on a wider role across all regulatory functions for Trading Standards as well as Environmental Health and Licensing. Close liaison within the Service unit also saw involvement with other aspects of Environmental protection. Later, as a Team Manager she developed specific leadership roles for functions brought together under a Public Health heading including Age Restricted Products, Alcohol Harm Reduction, Tobacco Control, Food Standards, Air Quality and Contaminated Land. It was at this point that Jane became Trustee for Poole Citizens Advice Bureau originally based on a liaison role across consumer protection.

At Borough of Poole Jane had service wide roles for training and development including professional qualification portfolio assessment and verification, People Strategy group liaison and council wide job evaluation. Jane was able to make a difference to both the public and colleagues by work in these areas and especially through her work in the training and development of officers across Trading Standards and Environmental Health. With the merger of Bournemouth, Poole and Christchurch councils to take place in April 2019 and ongoing budget pressures, Jane took an opportunity for voluntary redundancy and in effect early retirement, leaving work at Poole on June 1st, 2018.

Jane says, “Since leaving work I have been lucky with a fabulous summer by and in the sea at Poole, visiting the French Alps including watching a mountain finish of the Tour de France, travelling to Marrakesh, Morocco and Nordic walking across the Isle of Purbeck and the Dorset countryside. Project puppy is now underway with my taking on a Cockerpoo.”