We have introduced some changes to our drop in service at the Town Hall this means that we can usually see and help clients fully on their first visit.

It is always important to be prepared and bring all you paperwork and relevant information when coming to get help however if you require assistance with debts we need specific details to ensure we can move you forward as quickly as possible.

In order to allow us to give you the best possible advice, we need to have a full picture of your financial situation. To do this we need you to bring as much of the below information with you as possible.


    1. Evidence of your income – benefit letters and/or payslips; and
    2. Information about your living arrangement – mortgage / rent payments. Where possible a tenancy agreement or a letter from your mortgage lender is helpful; and
    3. Insurance details: life, car, building, contents, endowment etc.; and
    4. A Council tax bill and any details regarding payments; and
    5. Water and sewage bills (Wessex & Bournemouth Water) and details regarding payments plus any other accounts (from past properties) that you may owe money on; and
    6. Gas and electricity bills – You need to include any past utility companies to whom you may owe money; and
    7. Details of any other outgoings including Sky and/or internet providers, TV licence payment details and/or Any HP agreements (for cars, motorbikes and TV etc) – this includes agreements you have with BrightHouse; and
    8. Any court papers or Enforcement Agent letters / notices you have received; and
    9. Details of any non priority creditors – this includes credit cards, personal loans, store cards. We also need to know about any money you owe to friends or family; and
    10. Any other information letters, papers or other correspondence that you think may be important.


When you speak to an assessor they will provide you with a budgeting form that needs to be completed with your income and expenditure; it is important that you take your time to complete this and think about what you spend your money on as we will be using this information to provide you with advice and guidance on your next steps.