Welcome to the Justice Advice Project.

We are here to support people who are facing County Court proceedings without any legal representation. The aim of the Justice Advice Project is to support people through their court journey and to empower them to represent themselves to the best of their ability. For Litigants in Person, attending court can be an incredibly daunting experience and application forms and court orders can be confusing and complicated.

We can offer support for non criminal County Court cases in and around the Dorset area. However our support is not limited to cases in Dorset.

The most common case types are:

  • Access to children
  • Divorce
  • Money Claims
  • Housing
  • Non Molestation
  • Eviction/Possession

Our trained volunteers can help people in the following ways:

  • General orientation around the court building
  • Explain the court process which they are facing
  • Support people to understand and complete application forms and court papers
  • Talk people through the options available to them to help them make a more informed decision
  •  Support clients to complete application forms, statements and court paperwork
  •  Help them to understand instructions from the court and what to expect

The role of the volunteers is to help people become more informed about their options so that they can make more informed decisions. We are unable to offer any opinion or legal advice and cannot represent clients in hearings. The individual remains in control of their case at all times and they always have the final decision as to which course of action to follow.

If you would like our support with an issue please call 01202 081 733.

Alternatively you can fill out the form below and a member of the Justice Advice team will be in contact with you shortly to discuss your case further.

Please note: We have recently been made aware of technical issues which have meant that web enquiry forms for Justice Advice have not been getting through, therefore we apologise for not getting back in touch with people. We are still working to resolve the issue, so would encourage anyone still requiring support, to call our phone line on 01202 081733 and leave us a message requesting a call back.

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