In the Summer of 2020, BCP Council created the R3 Taskforce to identify and act on the issues that businesses, employees and jobseekers have faced and continue to face in the midst of COVID-19.

The three working groups that make up the R3 Taskforce are:

• Retail, Hospitality and Leisure (RHL)
• Business
• Welfare

Zoe Bradley, CEO of Citizens Advice BCP chairs the R3 Welfare group and Stacey Miller is the Coordinator.  Stacey is currently mapping what support is currently available, fill any gaps and create a central hub of information for BCP residents and businesses in the form or a webpage and app.

The R3 Welfare project focuses on three key issues:

• Unemployment or employment in a role that is not meeting the needs of the individual
• Mental health and resilience
• Access to skills, support, and funded training

Free webinars coming up in December!  *To sign up for updates or book free wellbeing training, contact Stacey on 07703670654 or

*Please note that free training is only available until March 2022.

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