We need your support

We are looking for supporters of Citizens Advice Bournemouth & Poole to become members of the organisation. We would like to encourage you to be a member because it makes the committee legally answerable to you and it would demonstrate your support for what Citizens Advice Bournemouth & Poole does.

Our members:
•    Are kept in touch with news and developments
•    Can be elected to serve as a trustee on the committee
•    Can vote at general meetings of the charity
•    Can call the committee to account if unhappy with any of its decisions
•    Guarantee to pay up to a maximum of £10 towards any unpaid debts if Citizens Advice Bournemouth & Poole is wound up whilst a member, or within one year of their membership ending (this is normal for charitable companies)

Membership runs from January to December each year and is free and open to individuals and organisations that support the above objects

If you would like to become a member please email Emma Lee, Head of Partnerships & Business Development, on emma.lee@citabournemouthpoole.co.uk who will send you an application form.

Here is the link to the application form, please click to access the information:Membership letter & form